flipp your subscriptions

a platform to sell your pre-owned subscriptions

have subscriptions you don't use anymore?

what's going on?

Imagine selling off all those paid in full subscriptions you don't use anymore and can't refund. You could list your subscriptions for sale and have them put to good use - while releasing locked up $$$.

what could I sell?

pretty much anything, here are some subscriptions up for sale

how does it work?

Just tell us what you want to sell, we'll list it for sale through unloved.  We'll let you know when it's sold. Just delete your data and change the login credentials to the ones we send you.

when do I get paid?

Payments are collected immediately and paid out to you in instalments, depending on the size of the sale.

This is done to build confidence, just incase the subscription stops working for any reason after the sale.

what does it cost?

20% on sale

includes payment processor charges and platform fee.

why is there a charge?

There's two reasons - our payment processor charges us a fee for taking payments and making payouts to you, second it helps us build marketplace infrastructure.

the best part, listing is completely free!

You agree that you are offering the sale at your own risk and flipp.xyz only lists the item(s) but does not take responsibility for anything published or transacted through the platform. The fee taken is only for payment processing and platform infrastructure.


want to buy? checkout unloved.

a platform to sell your pre-owned subscriptions